Monday, December 21, 2015

Chinese Dating Profile Episode 1 Part 2 Coco

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  1. Hi Randy,

    I inadvertently came across your video interview on YT and I just couldn't stop watching. Coco (is that her real name?) is quite incredible. Hard to believe she's only 23 yo: very clear goals, very logical, very well expressed, and very honest (she's not faking it or making shit up). Solid as a rock. I can see how that would throw a lot of males off (unwittingly). I can also see why you were moved to interview her. She's a gem! (not "a loser" as she says in one self-deprecating moment)

    Your question about displaying affection in public was absolutely critical b/c I'd seen it pointed out on other YT videos that this is a real no-no in China, Japan, and most Asian countries. So, I expected her to say just that. But instead, she said, "I don't like it, but I accept it". In other words, she's stating her truth while at the same time indicating that she's prepared intellectually (she simply doesn't have the experience) to seek compromise. Man! Most people twice her age couldn't be that clear-headed. What a phenom.

    And it's not just her command of English and her excellent pronunciation (which is truly impressive) but also her understanding of subtle humor, in the sense of being able to offer a quick come-back. Like in Part 2, when you ask her, "Why are you looking at me!?" and she says (cool as a cucumber), "Coz I'm talking to YOU." She's hilarious and has an instant smile and a great laugh. In fact, she kicked your butt (verbally) several times during the interview. :-)

    Wow! If I were coming to China (which I'm not, AFAIK), I would love to have her as a local friend and protector.

    And I'm sure she and I would get along famously:
    I'm from Australia, originally
    I live in California now
    If she visited me, she could instantly get over that "I don't have a high enough education" nonsense
    Like you suggested, I think she's just confusing pieces of paper with circumstantial experience (her previous BF happened to go to the USA; big deal)
    I'm of northern European descent, which she claimed to have an interest in
    I have a Ph.D. so, I might pass muster on her "not stupid/boring" male criterion ;-)
    She's too young ... or I'm too old: but I prefer saying it the other way around :)
    I don't speak or read Chinese (but I would be prepared to learn)
    I'm not black (if that really matters)
    I have no interest in literature, per se (Linguistics, on the other hand, is another matter altogether)
    I don't read novels. Although, I would be prepared to read hers, just to check the English ;-)
    What a pisser. :-(